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Trading Tools

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Trade your way using advanced trading tools

Online trading tools help you put your plan into action. TD AMERITRADE delivers innovative, powerful online trading tools to help you spot potential market opportunities and implement your unique trading strategy. At TD AMERITRADE, you can monitor the market and easily manage information to make informed trading decisions.

TD AMERITRADE uses some of the most advanced trading technology available to help independent investors pursue their financial goals. Take a look at our online trading tools that you can only find in your TD AMERITRADE account.

See the complete list of online trading and investing tools.

Featured Tools

Command Center 2.0
Use this powerful platform every time you trade or invest. Research stock and options trading opportunities quickly and easily, then enter orders and view their status through order activity messages or an Open Orders Watch List.
Use Command Center 2.0 to trade online.
Pattern Matcher™
A pattern recognition tool that can help you find securities that match well-known technical charting patterns or securities that highly correlate to the charting pattern of a particular symbol.
Stock analysis with Pattern Matcher.
Get real-time liquidity information via an innovative Level II display that uses expanding and contracting concentric bands to show changes in a stock's liquidity. Includes flexible, customizable order-entry features.
Get stock market information with QuoteScope.
Options 360™
Find potential trading opportunities, view options analysis more clearly, trade complex strategies and more with this comprehensive trading tool.
More about Options 360.
Test your trading ideas with StrategyDesk. This powerful trading

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